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D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd’s blog is your resource for financial tips and tricks in Ontario. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us.

  • A couple considering credit counselling in Ottawa
    What You Should Know About Your Debt Ratio

    People facing difficulties in their financial lives may simply not know where to start to rectify their situation. Accumulating debt can be a slippery slope and happen before you even have a chance to grasp what is happening.

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  • Debt consolidation in Kingston Ontario
    Saving Money on Utilities in the Hot Summer Months

    Many Canadians see a rise in their hydro bills once the warmer weather sets in. As enjoyable as the season may be, spending more money to keep your home cool can be unsettling.

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  • a child learning about saving money
    Teaching Kids about Money Management

    The earlier you begin educating your children about money management, the better equipped they will be to handle their finances in the future.

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  • a couple going over their out of control debts and credit card statements
    Signs That Your Debt May Be Getting Out Of Control

    As time passes, do you find it harder to pay all of the bills each month? You are not alone. Many circumstances can lead a person to realize they have more debt than they can handle.

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  • bankruptcy solutions for retirement
    Is it Possible to Plan for Retirement While Recovering from Debt?

    Even though debt can feel overwhelming and it may seem as though a service such as a bankruptcy trustee is your only solution, there are ways you can save for retirement while paying off debt. There is no shame in getting credit counselling or debt consolidation help. But before you take that step, read a few tips that may help you get started saving for retirement.

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  • a mom and her daughter count coins saved in their piggy bank
    Five Simple Tips to Lower your Monthly Expenses

    It’s often said that it’s wise to not spend beyond your means, as monthly expenses can add up quickly and increase your debt. To help keep your debt under control, here are five fast tips to help you regain your financial power.

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  • 07/05/2018
    How to Prioritize Your Debts and Decide Which to Pay First

    When you have multiple debts, it can be difficult to prioritize how to pay them off. There are many choices, but if you make the wrong one, your debt snowball could turn into an avalanche.

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  • Handling debts while filing your Canadian income taxes in Ottawa
    Handling Debt During Income Tax Season

    It’s that time of year again! Income tax is due yet a surprising number of people can’t afford to pay the CRA the taxes they owe. Are you one of them? Do you not know which way to turn because you owe tax, have personal debts, or are maybe on the edge of bankruptcy?

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  • spouse worried about finances and bankruptcy in ottawa
    Does Filing for Bankruptcy Impact My Spouse?

    Individuals who consider filing for bankruptcy in Cornwall, Kingston, Ottawa or Pembroke often wonder about the possible effects on their life, not to mention their families—and, more specifically, their spouses.

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  • New Homeowners Debt consolidation in Ottawa and Kingston Ontario
    Is it better to rent or save for a down payment on your home?

    Is it better to save towards a down payment on a home or to rent a home? While the easy answer is that a home you own is equity, there are many factors that go into such an important decision.

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  • Debt counselling in Ottawa and Kingston Ontario
    Are You Struggling to Save Money While Paying Off Student Loan Debt?

    Student loans are a great way for many people to be able to afford to go to college. Once you are done with school and must begin paying off student loan debt, you may find yourself getting stressed out and struggling to make things work each month.

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  • Bankruptcy trustee in Cornwall and Kingston Ontario
    The Drawbacks of Owning Multiple Credit Cards

    There is a good reason that credit cards have become so popular among Canadians over the years: the sheer convenience of not needing to carry cash, as well as not needing to pay upfront, is obvious advantages. However, the rise of subsequent credit card debt for credit card holders is a clear indication that this method of payment can be easily abused.

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  • Bankruptcy in Ottawa Ontario
    What you need to know about filing for a Second Bankruptcy in Canada

    Most people know that bankruptcy should not be entered into lightly. But that notion is particularly true if you find yourself facing this fate for a potential second time. To further deter people from revisiting bankruptcy, the Canadian government implemented stricter discharging durations for those who file more than once. Although not ideal, this option is available to individuals who continue to struggle with debt after their first bankruptcy in Brockville, Kingston, Ottawa or Pembroke.

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  • woman that needs debt counselling tips in ottawa and kingston
    Money Management Tips

    Although many people today are shunning credit cards altogether, it is important rather to establish a good balance between using them often enough and responsibly to secure a good credit rating that will help you when you want to purchase a home or a car, but not too often or too heavily as to acquire debt or negatively impact your credit rating. Read more for simple money management tips and solutions!

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  • a woman in a wheelchair being assisted by a man working on documents
    Filing for Bankruptcy While on Long Term Disability

    Becoming too ill or injured to work is difficult enough, but mounting debt as you are not earning your regular income can add extra stress to your life. Long term disability only provides a percentage of your salary, while your expenses often remain the same. Unless you are particularly cautious with money and knowledgeable about how to cut back, financial matters can become significant.

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  • Credit counselling in Kingston Ontario
    Elderly Parents Struggling with Debt

    Although having elderly parents alive usually feels like a blessing, helping them handle financial matters can be stressful for both of you. The emotional side of dealing with aging parents can be taxing enough, but many children also often feel obliged to take on their finances. That means helping ensure they are making responsible choices by not exceeding what they can afford to spend each month.

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  • planning for retirement in ontario
    Retirement and the Risks of Financial Instability

    Retirement is a relatively new concept, introduced in the last century and likely to balance the modern economy when life expectancy grew and people were living much longer than they ever had before. Today, this lifestyle is highly sought after and idealized but, without the appropriate savings, not working can prove to be financially challenging for many seniors across Ontario.

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  • Credit cards
    Protecting Yourself Against Identity Theft & Fraud

    Over the last several years, identity thieves have been stealing personal information from a growing number unsuspecting people to make credit card purchases, obtain fraudulent bank loans, apply for fake passports, and more. The problem has become a significant one in the country with over 40,000 consumer complaints to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre in 2014 and millions of dollars stolen by criminals. It is crucial to address any suspicious activity early and consult the helpful advice of a licensed insolvency trustee in Kingston if you’ve been impacted.

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  • Developing a Monthly Budget & Avoiding Bankruptcy in Ottawa
    Developing a Monthly Budget & Avoiding Bankruptcy in Ottawa

    Individuals facing financial hardship can take steps to improve their situations by developing smart habits like budgeting their money on a monthly basis. By creating a spreadsheet file on your computer or simply keeping a written notebook, debtors can keep track of their income after taxes and determine how much they can afford to spend each month. This includes sorting out all required expenses, such as insurance, utilities, car loans and rental or mortgage payments, as well as clothing, food and entertainment purchases.

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  • Signs of Overspending & Tips to Reduce Impulse Purchases
    Signs of Overspending & Tips to Reduce Impulse Purchases

    One of the most significant reasons why people may find themselves in debt is due to overspending. Maybe you are unsure how to put together a proper budget for your expenses, or you have a hard time reigning in your spending on “nice to haves”. Our team at D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. offers credit counselling for consumers in Brockville, Kingston, Ottawa and surrounding areas. Using our home budget calculator, you can also put together a solution to understand just how much discretionary income you have left each month.

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