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We understand that corporate financial instability can be challenging, especially when you’ve decided that reorganization may be your only option to re-establish the stability of your company. Many consider the act to be a defense against the possibility that the company could go under or be taken over by creditors to whom money is owed. By re-organizing the structure of your business, you may be able to improve upon its worth so both stakeholders and creditors have proof that there is value in the business. However, before making any decisions it is important to enlist the help of a professional. If done incorrectly, financial and operational restructuring may not be effective and can cause more harm than good.

At D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd., our team has the expertise to evaluate the current state of your organization’s finances and help you reach the best solution. If this happens to be corporate restructuring, we will guide you through the process each step of the way.


Financial restructuring involves increasing the capital of the business, which may, in turn, even provide relief in bankruptcy if it is organized in your company’s plans to rebuild. There are many ways to strategize in order to identify the best moves for the company and secure loans with your lenders. This may partially be determined by the assets of your company and their worth.

Meanwhile, operational restructuring involves making changes in how the company is run―possibly by acquiring or merging with another business and working together with its executives and employees. It may alternatively mean cutting certain areas of the business that are no longer profitable in an effort to save money on expenses that do not have a good rate of return. You may also want to reorganize positions within the company or add new leaders. Operational restructuring can alter various aspects of the business, such as departments, day-to-day processes, office locations, and even the computer systems, or ownership and CEO.

A federal law, entitled the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, protects businesses from creditors to whom they owe more than $5 million for a short period. As a result, businesses will have the opportunity to restructure, both operationally and financially, without worrying about a potential foreclosure, bankruptcy, or asset seizure.

The outcome of corporate restructuring in Ottawa can range from selling the business and merging with another, to being bought out and selling assets. Your company may also continue to operate while filing for bankruptcy, if needed.

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Impact of Reorganization on a Company & its Culture

In the event that your company in Ottawa or Eastern Ontario decides that corporate restructuring is the best course of action, it is important to plan for inevitable effects on the work environment. Staff and executives may be directly impacted by the layoffs if the business makes cutbacks. Others may realize that certain roles are too costly, causing them to worry about the stability of their own positions. Others may feel an indirect impact, finding the company merging with another and, thus, bringing in new colleagues and management. Such actions can also lead to a change in offices, either by moving into the space of the other company, and an almost inevitable shift in office politics and relationships. 

Raises may be postponed and demotions or changes in roles may even occur. Staff will likely need some time to adapt when there is reorganization, no matter how significant. An increase or decrease in the number of products or services available, cutting back on departments or employees, shutting down certain locations, purchasing a new location, and conducting training for new staff that may be hired, may be necessary for the business to keep running over the long-term.


With so many aspects to consider, it is helpful to have an experienced professional to offer advice against a potential takeover. D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. has worked with numerous organizations on financial and operational restructuring to help them recover from debt, insolvency, bankruptcy and other significant issues that often affect businesses.


Corporate restructuring solutions are designed to help businesses in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario correct financial problems within a company to avoid bankruptcy, insolvency, and seizure. With multiple locations and over 70 years of experience, we are a trusted source of information for corporate financial instability.

Contact us today for a free consultation in OttawaKingstonCornwall, Smiths FallsKanataBrockville, or Pembroke.

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