CERB payments ending Ontario

CERB Has Been Eliminated-- Know Your Options

Now that the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) Government assistance program is winding down, it is still unclear as to who needs to pay these benefits back.

With that uncertainty, it is smart to know your options when the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) comes to collect.   

For many, the CERB benefits were extremely beneficial in a time where there has been so much fear. However, this governmental program did not come without its risks. As the pandemic hit abruptly and Canadians were being laid off rapidly, many applied for these benefits. However, it was unclear at the time as to who qualified for these benefits under the “Self-Employment income in the amount of at least $5,000” qualification and who did not. There was also the added confusion as to who stopped qualifying for CERB, and then continued to receive the emergency benefit.  As a result, many are now receiving letters from the CRA informing them that it is time to start repaying their CERB back.

Unfortunately, this uncertainty and lack of communication have led many to fall deeper into financial debt as they were unaware they would have to pay back the CERB they received compounded with the high amounts of debt they already had pre-pandemic.

If you find yourself falling under any one of the following categories whom did not qualify for financial aid, and are experiencing financial stress trying to pay off your debts, D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. Can help!


Not Qualified as Self-Employment Income:

  • Pension Recipient
  • Student Loans and Bursaries Recipient
  • Maternity/Parental Leave Recipient
  • Disabilities Recipient
  • Individuals part of a Work-Share Agreement Recipient
  • EI Recipient
  • Family Support Worker (not with COVID-19)
  • Returned to Work Earlier than Expected & Receive Retroactive Pay

According to the Canadian Government, the above-mentioned criteria determine whether or not you qualified for the Canadian CERB emergency belief.

If you did receive the Canadian CERB benefit and now are unable to pay it back contact D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. today at 613-236-9111 to speak with an expert in a location near you and find out your current options!