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Debt consolidation in Kingston Ontario

Many Canadians see a rise in their hydro bills once the warmer weather sets in. As enjoyable as the season may be, spending more money to keep your home cool can be unsettling.

However, there are some solutions you may not have considered before to help you save money and improve your energy efficiency in the process. Speaking to a licensed insolvency trustee in Kingston like D & A MacLeod can also be a helpful resource. AIR CONDITIONING AND FANS

Rather than sacrificing comfort by not using your air conditioning altogether, simply setting the thermostat higher can keep you from expensive bills. Simply wearing light materials and not layering your clothes indoors are reasonable alternatives to blasting the air conditioning unnecessarily. If you have an air conditioning unit and control over where to install it, choosing a shadier area will also translate into easy cost savings. It is also important to ensure it has a high energy efficiency rating because these units can incur greater expenses than any other household appliance. If you have central air, adjusting the thermostat when you are not home so it will only turn on if the temperature rises too high – within reason, considering the wellness of any pets – is another simple way to save money and energy. Check if you have an easily programmable thermostat, or ask for advice from an expert if you are looking to buy one. On cooler nights, consider turning up your thermostat even higher and opening windows instead, as long as you have screens to avoid bugs, and keep any windows closed that are easily accessible from outside for the sake of safety. Another solution to keep cool without wasting money and energy is using fans. While installing ones in your ceiling is arguably the most effective way to cool off your home, setting up others on the floor or table can also help improve the comfort of your surroundings at a lower cost than air conditioning. Credit counselling with a licensed insolvency trustee in Kingston can provide additional useful tips to avoid financial difficulties, including a debt consolidation loan in Ottawa. BEING MINDFUL OF EASY ALTERNATIVES

Taking advantage of your window coverings by keeping curtains, drapes, blinds or shutters at least partially closed can be an easy way to save money. Especially in the summer months, the sun is often a significant contributor to warming your home. Note the direction your windows face too, as the sun gets stronger over the course of the day so you are most effected by hot rays if you get western exposure. Weather stripping around your windows is another effective method that will help keep your home cool in the summer in the same way it helps keep it warm in the winter. When it comes to doing laundry, wait until you have a full load to use your washing machine and use cold water to avoid wasting energy (the same goes for your dishwasher). Even after selecting the ‘low heat’ method, the fact that everything comes out rather warm should be a good indication of how much energy it uses to dry your clothes, towels and bedding. Especially if you have a private backyard, setting up a clothesline can provide cost savings, as long as you are mindful of rain. On warm days, the sun and heat will help dry clothes rather quickly. EVEN MORE OPTIONS

Some other solutions include cooling yourself and kids off with a shower instead of a bath, as this uses less water. Furthermore, avoid cooking dishes that require the stove or oven, which produce heat, in exchange for cold meals or barbecuing outside with propane. Working D. & A. MacLeod, we can help you review your finances and save energy and money. With locations across Eastern Ontario, you can call our team directly at 613-699-2538 or contact us online or for a free, no-obligation consultation and let us help you on the road to a new beginning™.

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Apr 20

If you've got central AC, tweak the thermostat when you're away so it kicks in only if it gets too hot, thinking about pets' comfort too. See if you've got a programmable thermostat or consult an expert for advice. On chilly nights, raise the thermostat and open windows with screens to keep bugs out, but close accessible windows for safety. For AC Repair in Hobe Sound, call the experts!

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