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pair of muskoka chairs overlooking a lake in one of Ontario's national parks

If you’ve been struggling with debt management, you may think that you’ll be unable to afford a summer vacation this year.

While it’s true that an all-inclusive resort or a trip to Disneyland may not be in the cards, you can still enjoy plenty of fun summer activities. In fact, it’s entirely feasible to be able to save and still have a great time with your family or friends! Here are four affordable ways you can enjoy your summer holidays. 1. Think local, not global. If saving money this summer is a top priority, rather than heading overseas, take a look at national and provincial parks you can visit in your region. There are many beautiful places in Canada that you can see for a reasonable price through Parks Canada or your provincial or regional park services. With a little research, you might find there are amazing places you’ve never heard of right in your backyard. 2. Camping (or glamping!) Whether you camp in a park or at a private campground, pitching a tent is cheaper than staying at a hotel. Many campgrounds also offer a range of activities like hiking, watersports, and wilderness activities. If you don’t have equipment, or you’re the type who can’t imagine sleeping in a tent, you can hop on the glamping trend. Many parks and campgrounds offer fully equipped safari tents or small sleeping cabins, some with electricity or stoves. 3. Staycation with local activities If going away isn’t in your budget at all, pay attention to what free or cheap events take place in your municipality through your local newsletter or your town’s website. You can stay right in town while participating in many activities in your municipality. Your local swimming pool, a nearby beach, annual festivals, holiday celebrations and movies in the park are all great options to explore. Your library may also offer children’s entertainment like plays, reading or other events. 4. Choose cheaper accommodation When booking hotels, it’s important to shop around. Compare rates from several travel websites and try calling to book directly through the hotel itself; hotels often offer cheaper direct bookings. Clear your browser history or shop with your browser on incognito mode. Website cookies track your last visit and adjust prices accordingly.

Debt Management Help in Eastern Ontario

We hope these tips help you enjoy your summer while saving money. For your debt management and credit counselling needs, D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. is here to serve you. With offices across Eastern Ontario, we can help get you back on track financially. Contact us today to book a free consultation!


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