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Debt Help for CERB Repayment in Ottawa & Across Ontario

If you’re among the many Canadians who received a Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) repayment letter from the Canadian government and are struggling to pay back the full amount, the team at D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. can help

What You Need to Know About Repaying CERB

Our licenced insolvency trustees (LIT) have put together the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CERB repayment.


Who has to repay the CERB?

Canadians who were eligible and received CERB payments don’t need to return those payments to the government. However, some individuals received CERB payments but were ineligible. If you received CERB in addition to employment insurance (EI) for the same period or received payments you didn’t apply for, you must repay the CERB.


Who do I repay?

You must repay the CERB to the department — the CRA or Service Canada — that issued you the CERB payment. To repay the CERB to the CRA through online banking, sign on to your CRA My Account portal or your online bank to arrange payment. You can also pay by money order or with your original CERB cheque.


To repay the CERB to Service Canada, either arrange direct deposit through your online bank or mail the original cheque still in your possession to Service Canada. If you’re unsure which department issued your CERB payment, call 1-833-966-2099.


Will the CERB repayment affect my taxes?

The timing of when you repay a CERB amount may affect your taxes. If you repay a CERB amount before January 1, 2023, you can choose when and how to claim the deduction on your tax return. You can claim your repayments as a deduction in the year you made the repayment or in the year you received the benefit. You may also split the deduction between the tax years, as long as you don’t deduct more than you repaid.


What are the penalties for not repaying the CERB benefit?

The CRA stated that there won’t be any penalties or interest for individuals who applied for CERB benefits in good faith. Currently, the CRA has not threatened stronger collection action, but that could change in the future.


What do I do if I can’t repay the CERB in full?

If you cannot repay your CERB debt in full, you can arrange to pay your debt over time. Contact the CRA to discuss your options. They’ll work with you to determine the payment amount and the length of the payment arrangement based on your financial situation.


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Is It Possible to Eliminate CERB Debt?

If you have mounting debt and cannot repay any of the CERB benefit, contact a licensed insolvency trustee from D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. They’ll evaluate your situation and suggest an appropriate course of action.


For example, filing a consumer proposal or applying for personal bankruptcy can reduce or eliminate your CERB debt. Our team will create a personalized debt relief plan to protect your financial future.


CERB Repayment Assistance in Ottawa - Find a Plan That Works for You

If you received a letter from the government stating that you must repay the CERB but don’t have the means to do so, the professionals at D. & A. MacLeod Company Ltd. can help. Our licensed insolvency trustees (LITs) provide various debt relief solutions, including consumer proposals, to help you find a new beginning™.


We have offices in Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, Cornwall, Kanata, Pembroke and Smiths Falls. We listen and offer advice without judgment.


We also offer virtual assistance for customers across Canada who need assistance filing a consumer proposal.

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